Please note: The following FAQ has been created as a guide to your Collective Agreement and other related Regulations, but we cannot guarantee it is free from errors. In the case of discrepancies, the original documents are to be considered the most accurate and correct. If you find an error or would like to suggest another topic for the FAQ, please contact

  • Set your Occasional Preferences for Short-Term (i.e. Daily) Work:

Go to: EasyConnect drop down menu > Occasional Preferences > KPR: Edit Preferences

  1. Select how you would like to be notified about short-term (daily) assignments. You’ll automatically get an email notification, but in addition you can receive either a phone call or a text message. You can change this at any time, and it should take effect immediately. Note, a benefit of ATE is that if you miss a call/text, you can still accept the job by email/phone/text up until someone else accepts it.
  2. Select your “Willing to Teach” Subjects (the ones you’re qualified to teach will already be greyed out; ATE pulls qualifications from OCT every day at midnight). You can’t de-select subjects for which you are qualified.
  3. Select your “Locations”. HR has asked ATE to default to “all locations” to start so that OTs get calls whether or not they’ve gone into ATE, but you can de-select the ones you don’t want. For the first month of each Semester your profile will be open for you to adjust. After that you will need to contact to request changes.

Bear in mind that our Collective Agreement stipulates you be Qualified and/or Willing to Teach in at least 10 subjects and 4 Schools [L13.03 g)].

Note: Don’t worry that you see Elementary locations (and Ed Centres); feel free to keep them or de-select them. Only OTs on the Elementary Roster will get offered Elementary assignments, and only OTs on the Secondary Roster will get offered Secondary assignments

  • Check that your OCT number is connected to your account (so that it will pull your OCT qualifications). Look at the top left corner of the ATE page, and make sure that the word “OCT” is listed beside your name. If not, call ATE at 1-877-900-5627 to get that corrected.
  • Check out your Calendar, and make yourself unavailable on days you know you can’t work. This will avoid calls on days when you don’t want to accept work. Note, if you work for other boards that use ATE, you will see all of your assignments on the same calendar; I’m told KPR can only see their work. However, KPR can tell if you have deleted an unavailable day after the selected date has passed.

Go to: EasyConnect > My Calendar > Dates Not Available (bottom right corner).

You can make yourself unavailable for up to 50 days per semester, although you must apply for a leave if you will be unavailable for 20 or more consecutive days [L13.03].

If you are having trouble with any of the above, you can contact ATE customer support directly at 1 (877) 900-5627 Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00.

Maybe we shouldn’t call it a “callout” any more, because ATE uses phone, text, and emails for its deployment. But the general process is the same. To explain it I will use a hypothetical job: History at Campbellford DHS.

Round 1: The system identifies all OTs who are qualified to teach History, have Campbellford selected in their profile, and are available for work that day (or those days in the case of a multi-day assignment). It then calls those people in a manner that balances the number of jobs offered to each of them.

Round 2: If no one accepts in Round 1, the system moves to Round 2, and pulls all the OTs who are willing to teach History, have Campbellford selected, and are available that day(s). It will use the same tumbling order as it did in round 1.

Round 3: If no one accepts in Round 2, the system moves to Round 3, and calls any remaining OTs who have that Campbellford in their profile. You can accept or decline these assignments with no penalty: Declines in this round do not count against the maximum (20), because that assignment is not “in your profile”.

The system will only contact you about a particular assignment once. Since it sends an email at the same time as the call/text, that is how you can go back and accept the job later (if it’s still available)

If a job is still unfilled by 7:00am on the morning of, ATE places the job on the EasyConnect Job Board and any OT on the Secondary Roster (regardless of qualifications/locations selected) can pick it up.

Use your KPR employee number to “sign in” and listen to the assignment (there is no password).

At the same time that the system sends you a phone call or text, it will also send you an email offer. Until the job gets accepted by another OT, you can still pick it up. Click the link in the email to accept it (if it’s still available).

“Missed Calls” are no longer a reason for removal, so don’t worry if you miss calls (this is why a “do not call” is no longer necessary).

No. ATE’s website is “scalable”, which means it should adjust to fit any monitor or mobile device’s screen. You may find it helpful to save a link to ATE on your device. Google “How to add websites to my iphone/tablet/android, etc..” to get instructions, try this one from How To Geek. If you bookmark the link in Chrome, I believe it will remember your user/password so you don’t have to log in each time.

No. You can switch your profile to text message if you don’t want to hear calls coming in. You are also expected to book yourself unavailable if you are unavailable, and that will limit your calls.

Our new Collective Agreement does not include a maximum of “missed calls”, and not answering the phone (or responding to a text) does not constitute a decline.

OTs can appeal to HR about declines that they hope will not count towards their maximum, such as

  • the job is 1 section, but an hour away
  • I answered the phone before I realized I was sick. I’ve now booked myself unavailable
  • I dropped/hung up the call because I was in the store/entered a deadzone on the highway/my kid fell/etc…
  • the job was not one of my classifications/I’m not comfortable with the assignment
  • the weather is poor and I’m worried to be on the road
  • etc…

email if you have declined an assignment and would like them to use discretion.

Unfilled jobs for the day will go on the EasyConnect Job Board every morning at 7am. You can accept any jobs you see on the board, regardless of your subject/location profile. You should only see assignments for the Roster(s) you are on (Members who are on both elementary and secondary rosters will see all of the assignments, and the rest will see only secondary jobs). If a job is created after 7am (last minute illness), then it goes straight to the board, but will also start calling out in the usual manner.

Congratulations on the LTO! Go to My Calendar and “Dates Not Available” to make yourself unavailable for the duration of the LTO. In the case of LTOs with no determined end date, you will need to estimate and adjust as necessary. The Collective Agreement is clear, that unavailability due to being in an LTO does not count as part of your “unavailability maximum” [L13.03 e)]

During COVID you were assigned three schools that you can accept jobs at. However, if a job appears on the job board, and it is not one of your assigned schools, you are free to accept it.

If you are in both panels and would like to switch between elementary and secondary you must wait until the secondary semester turn over at the end of January. Please email to make a request.