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The collective agreement can be found on the KPR website  (KPR on the Web – Documents) and the D14 website – under resources, and here.

The creation of the Roster is prescribed by Reg 274. In practice, your Roster number is the date that you were most recently hired to the Occasional Roster. For OTs who were already employed by the board when the Roster was established, your Roster date is the first day worked as an OT. For those hired since the Roster was established, it’s the date that you got all of your paperwork in after being hired. You can find the Roster List posted on the KPR Occasional Teacher Conference.

There are a number of ways to be removed from the Roster:

  • just cause;
  • membership is revoked or suspended by the Ontario College of Teachers;
  • failure to maintain current Ontario College of Teachers membership and provide the Board with proof of such upon request;
  • failure to accept, when contacted through the Teacher Dispatch System, an assignment that is within the Occasional Teacher’s Dispatch System Profile twenty (20) times or more. [declines]
  • Canceling an assignment two or more times within 72 hours of an assignment to accept another assignment for the same time frame. [note: in many cases the board is happy for you to cancel an assignment – for example for continuity purposes if a daily assignment needs to be extended. You should contact Lorie Simmons to get permission to do this, and then the cancellation won’t “count”]
  • Failure to notify the Board of unavailability of more than twenty (20) consecutive Teaching Days. This requires an application for a leave, which the board has discretion to approve or deny.
  • Being unavailable to work for more than 50 days in a semester.
  • Failure to work 30 days in the school year, if contacted.
  • NOTE: Completion of the Annual Offence Declaration is also a condition of employment, according to the Education Act (Reg 521/01 – Collection of Personal Information). Failure to complete it is also a reason for removal.