TBU Protective Services Committee: Executive Liaison - Kevin McFadden

Formerly known as the Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC) This committee elects three members from the committee to serve on the Negotiating Team  with  the TBU President, Chief Negotiator, and the TBU First Vice President.  In addition, the Collective Bargaining Committee may elect a member, either from the committee or the membership at large, to the Negotiating Team. The TBU Negotiating Team in conjunction with the Protective Services committee solicits suggestions from the membership concerning conditions of work and quality education.  The Protective Services Committee is informed about the state of negotiations and makes a report at a General Meeting.

OTBU Protective Services Committee

This committee reviews the collective agreement and discusses current issues facing Occasional Teachers. During bargaining years this committee is tasked with creating a brief that will be presented during negotiations. In addition to the President and PSC chair two members from the committee serve at the table during negotiations. 

The Communications/Political Action Committee: Executive Liaison-Aileen Fletcher

 The purpose is to disseminate information and publish a newsletter for members; and provide content for the District website.  They assist in the preparation of material for release to the public media.  They   publicize and administer the annual nominations and selection of members for all applicable OSSTF, OTF and Canadian Teacher Federation awards, bursaries, scholarships and grants.   This group organizes all political action events and actions on behalf of the membership and  coordinate community relations programs.

The Health and Safety Committee: Executive Liaison- Daen Kivari and Kevin McFadden

Encourages and promotes healthy and safe working conditions for members.  Discusses and makes recommendations based on reports from each Branch that raise concerns requiring action by the employer.

The Educational Services Committee: Executive Liaison- Jeff St. Thomas and Darcy Wight

Actively promotes and assists with the co-ordination of Professional Development activities.  They foster and promote the professional growth of OSSTF members in order to enhance the quality of education and teaching expertise by providing support, direction, information, resources, and professional development opportunities to members and the broader community.
In an effort to assist members who wish to pursue individual professional development opportunities, the Educational Services Committee allocates funds yearly to be accessed as reimbursement.

The Equity and Diversity Committee: Executive Liaison-Ellen Hinan

Is responsible for addressing issues relating human rights and the status of women. They Organize and support events in conjunction with other interest groups that focus on members’ issues. They provide assistance and training to members seeking to influence policies affecting the quality of life of members.  They advise on the need for appropriate action with respect to any developing trends and provide a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to professional careers in OSSTF

The Member Engagement Committee- TBU only: Executive Liaison-Trish Bevan and Darcy Wight

Organizes member events and activities to make all members feel welcome and important to the Federation. Take a lead role in promoting the involvement of members in the Union and communicate with the membership on how to best serve and advocate for the interests of newer members.

The School Council Representatives Committee- TBU only: Executive Liaison-Daen Kivari

They represent the voice of OSSTF members at School Council meeting and can offer the teachers’ perspective on various issues. The Committee discusses areas of common concern that come out of School Council meetings and training is offered on how to be an effective school council rep at your branch.


These are comprised of a subset of Branch Presidents and executive members selected as outlined in the constitution.

Benevolent Council - TBU Only

This committee reviews applications for access to the established Benevolent Relief Grant Fund by TBU members experiencing extreme financial need.  This committee is chaired by the TBU president, and includes the TBU Treasurer, and 3 members at large.  

The Constitution Committee

Annually reviews the Constitution and undertakes such reviews as are requested by the membership, Committee Chairs or Council and makes recommendations to the membership at a General Meeting.

The Budget Committee

Reviews and endorses the budget prepared by the Treasurer to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.