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TBU President

Aileen is a dedicated proven leader who is effective at guiding a team.  She is skillful at motivating and encouraging the strengths of those around her to achieve optimized solutions.  Her strength is grounded in her ability to attentively listen for understanding and to empathize with others.  She thoughtfully connects ideas, and concerns and approaches problems strategically and with creativity.  Aileen is adept at asking the good questions that challenge points of view.

Precarious times continue in Education.  It is more important than ever that we stand in solidarity, that we lift one another up and that we remain organized and determined. Aileen is a strong and experienced advocate and remains committed to carrying the concerns of every member forward to Administration and the Director of Education.  As your representative provincially, she will continue to share all information in a transparent fashion and confidently express the concerns of our district on your behalf.  She is a strong public speaker who has dedicated her time to delivering OSSTF workshops on mental health, workplace violence, and issues of equity around the Province.  Through this she has gained many strong allies among the leaders of other districts.   Aileen challenges the norm and rejects complacency in order to elevate us to an optimal outcome for all. She brings strong technical skills and is focused on implementing greater efficiency within our organization and continuing to be accountable to members.

Aileen is prepared to represent and is committed to serving you. Tough times inspire tough leadership.  Please re-elect Aileen Fletcher as TBU President.

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Hello my name is Stephen Helleiner and I want to be your next TBU President.

I have been fortunate to have developed relationships with many of you both personally and professionally from working as part of a subject council, from various meetings or from my work on a variety of OSSTF committees.  For those who don’t know me, I have been teaching in a classroom for 16 years, all in KPR.  I believe that my classroom experience and dedication to the federation uniquely qualify me for a job that requires deep empathy and lived understanding of the issues you face as members of OSSTF.

I promise to keep the lines of communication open.  I can only be successful in this pursuit by having genuine conversations with members.  I also recognize the importance of taking time to visit schools and being available for phone calls so that I ensure that I am as informed as possible.  I am eager to listen to new ideas and proposals.  We have some incredible people in our district who have unique experiences and perspectives. I have a passion for helping people and ensuring that everyone experiences the best working conditions possible.

I promise to work to ensure that your voice is heard and your rights as educators are respected by our school board and by the provincial government.

For strong, steadfast leadership and a will to win, vote Helleiner for TBU President.

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District Treasurer

Hi Members!

I’ve had the pleasure to work with and listen to so many of you over the 10+ years I’ve worked at secondary schools across KPR, including 6+ years being active in OSSTF roles.

How your District collects and manages your union dues to provide services and supports to you and your colleagues matters!

Throughout my Federation work, including this year as District Treasurer, I have:

  • Strengthened reporting requirements, pushed for greater clarity and an overall management plan for reserve assets (i.e. cash savings from surpluses)
    • I’m not ok holding ‘significant’ cash/investment reserves with no clear or sustainable plan and weak language around how it can be accessed/utilized
  • Enhanced access and electronic management of funds and accounts with financial institutions and service providers, including keeping safe, secure, access to login credentials
    • Invoices by mail, payments by cheque, etc. are slow/expensive and can lack tracking and accountability; Electronic Fund Transfers, eStatements, and other online tracking/processing saves time/money and enhances accuracy and accountability
  • Pushed for greater clarity, transparency, and accountability of responsibilities/roles and protocols and worked to develop understanding and documentation to support succession and long-term growth
    • Doing this or any position in terms of what works now and/or for one person is short-sighted; developing understanding and protocols that promote and support others to do this position in the future is what fosters growth and builds capacity for long-term stability, security, and success

For you.  For all.  For now.  For future.  Vote Andrew Gartenburg for your District Treasurer

Watch Andrew’s Election Speech!

Thank you for reading up on our District 14 Election: Pandemic Edition!

My name is Daniel Kivari and I am running for the position of District Treasurer. Over the next year, my goal is to maximize the return Provincial dues that we pay to the District and provide a better balance between the financial needs of the District, the TBU, and the OTBU.  I want to draw on my relationships at the Provincial Office and our current Treasurer’s to begin our own Treasurer’s Handbook to improve transparency and ensure that more of what we do has a “place to live” in writing, rather than in our collective memory. Finally, I would like to start digitizing our reimbursement processes, so younger teachers have fewer obstacles to access the money available from all District 14 OSSTF programs put in place to financially support our members.

I have been both the TBU and the District Treasurer in the past and oversaw significant reforms in our organization, in particular, the amalgamation integration after the creation of District 14 and the separation of the bargaining units as independent entities with recognition of their unique financial needs. I have also been a member of the Provincial Audit Committee and the Provincial Compensation Committee.  In my role as Provincial Finance Committee Chair, helped shape the provincial budget and present it to AMPA for approval. With my past-experience and ever-developing skill set in these roles, I hope to deliver on each of these goals, and more, for you.



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