Guide to work place violence

This is a general guide for all members. It contains references to some pieces of legislation and has details about some common Workplace Safety concerns.

Handbook for health and safety reps

This is a comprehensive reference for OSSTF Representatives on school Health and Safety Committees. It outlines what the role should and should not contain, and clearly reflects the relationship with other players (management, other unions, students, the public).

Health and safety checklist

This checklist is thorough and would be useful for a quarterly site inspection of the entire school / worksite. It is very clear and simple to use.

After a workplace assault

This protocol outlines how to respond if an assault occurs in the school / worksite. Also, there are some details about preventative measures that can be implemented when the threat of an assault is raised.

Workplace Violence and Harassment: Understanding the Law

This OSSTF publication outlines when a teacher can and cannot refuse unsafe work.

Violence Definitions and Actions

This summary document outlines the Ministry of Labour’s definition of violence, the importance of dealing with it in workplaces, and the roles of individuals and of Joint Health and Safety Committees.

Quick Reference to Ontario Fire Code as Applicable to Education

This thorough document details the aspects of education impacted by the Ontario Fire Code, including electrical, capacity, egress, drills, flammability, etcetera.