Work to Rule – Continued Limited Withdrawal of Services
As we are reaching the end of the semester I wanted to send out a reminder about how our current limited withdrawal of services because it will impact regular duties at the end of the semester. 

1. Members shall not participate in EQAO preparation or testing

  • OSSTF Members will not hand our or collect EQAO test materials
  • OSSTF members will not supervise students who are completing the EQAO tests
  • OSSTF members will not scribe or provide other individual assistance to students completing EQAO tests
  • EQAO materials, such as practice tests or sample questions, may only be used for formative student assessment (assessment for learning). 
  • If results from the EQAO math test were previously used as a component of a final summative assessment, it must be replaced with an alternative assessment. 

2. Members shall not provide comments on any secondary provincial report cards

  • Members who are responsible for completing secondary provincial Ministry of Education report cards, will only provide a mark, attendance, and Learning Skills using the usual reporting software
  • All other reporting processes including IEP updates and anecdotal reports in non-credit courses, continue according to the local practices. 


Constitution Committee

The OTBU (Occasional Teacher Bargaining Unit) is looking for members to sit on the constitution committee. The committee only meets once (more meeting can be allotted if it is needed) and will be meeting on February 12th at 4:30 at the District Office. A meal and mileage is provided, and compensation for childcare is provided if needed. 

The constitution committee reviews our constitution which is the document that governs our bargaining unit. If we see that changes are needed we will create motions that can be voted on at our AGM (Annual General Meeting). 

If you are interested please email me by January 31st. 


January 10th Pay

This is just a reminder that tomorrow’s pay will include a deduction for OCT fees (only if you were in an LTO the last week of December). There will also be the absence of the December 18th pay.