Strike Preparations
OSSTF is in a strike position as of November 18th which means we have to start preparing, even though we have no idea if we will be striking. 

Every member who has worked this school year is entitled to strike pay. Which means you must report to the picket lines for a half day shift. In order to assign occasional teachers a picket location (and to know where to send strike pay cheques) I need some additional information. Please fill out the following google form with the required information.

As I said, this does not mean we are going on strike, we are simply preparing.


Local Strike Votes
After receiving clarification and confirmation today, Erin Leonard (OTBU President) and Kevin McFadden (District Officer and TBU Chief Negotiator) are able to release the following LOCAL Strike Vote results:
Votes Cast:   156
In Favour:     90.82%
Votes Cast:   536
In Favour:     93.54%
CENTRAL Strike Vote results have been submitted to Provincial Office and will be released, as a Province – Wide Strike Mandate, on November 18, 2019. Individual District Central Strike Vote results will not be released publicly. That said, District 14’s OTBU and TBU combined Central Strike Vote result was quite high.
On behalf of the various Negotiation Teams, thank you for your strong mandates and continued support.


Rallies in Support of Public Services!
Please join OSSTF, ETFO, OECTA, Trent Teacher Candidates and the Peterborough and Northumberland Labour Councils at our local MPPs’ offices on Thursday November 14th at 3:30 pm.

We will be outside of Dave Smith’s office in Peterborough (1123 Water St), David Piccini’s Office in Port Hope (117 Peter St), and Lindsey Park’s office in Bowmanville (23 King St. W). 

We are rallying because:

  • Bill 124 was recently passed, capping all public sector employees wages at 1% increases, which strips us of our constitutional right of free and fair collective bargaining.
  • The government’s most recent proposal of a 25:1 class size comes at the cost of removing local class sizes. This increases safety risks within our class. Imagine having an LLS class with more than 10 students…
  • The removal of at least 5000 teachers in the province (at the new proposal of a 25:1 class size). 

Even if you can only stay for 10 minutes your support is appreciated! I know rallies can be very intimidating, there is no need to hold a sign, participant in chants, being there is just as important, participate in a manner that is comfortable for you. 

On that note, if you would like a sign or would like to make one we will have extras on hand at all locations. 

I really hope to see some of you there!