OSSTF Provincial met with representatives from the Government and OPSBA (Ontario Public School Boards’ Association for the first time yesterday. 

The first day of bargaining is set aside to establish “ground rules”. Surprisingly the Government agreed to not include a media blackout, due to the fact that OSSTF has already published our brief online. It was realized yesterday that the Government’s brief is focused on removing funding from education at the expense of student learning and educator’s across the province. 

The Government has decided to release their own brief, with their rationale provided. This will be published in the coming 24 hours on bargainingforeducation.ca. OSSTF will be providing their own commentary to the Government’s brief to provide you with further understanding of how this will impact education in Ontario. 

This transparent bargaining is something that has never been seen in Ontario. I do hope you all take advantage of the situation and read up on what OSSTF and the Government is proposing. 

The next Provincial bargaining dates are scheduled for October 9th and 10th.