Strike Vote Meeting
As you are all aware we are having a Strike Vote Meeting on Monday November 4th starting at 4:30 pm at the Baltimore Recreation Centre. It is really important to attend the meeting or gather information from an attendee to fully understand why we are asking for a vote. The meeting is your chance to hear about negotiations and to ask questions of our Provincial Representatives. Please RSVP for the meeting so that we have some idea of who is coming!

Voting will take place following the meeting on November 4th as well as at Secondary Schools and the Union Office on November 7th. Depending on the availability of staff during the school day OTs will want to vote at schools either 15 minutes before school, at lunch, or 15 minutes after school, locations will vary so please ask the office staff. Voting will be open all day at the Union office. If you are an LTO Teacher you must vote at your home school, or at the strike vote meeting. You will all be asked to sign for your ballot. If you are a TBU and an OTBU Member (including all redundant teachers) you will be able to vote twice, once per Bargaining Unit. 

Please keep in mind that we are voting on two items. If we should strike centrally (items that are being bargained provincially) and if we should strike locally (items that are being bargained with the Board). 

After Meeting Social

The member engagement committee has organized a social for all D14 Members following the Strike Vote Meeting. Anyone interested should head to Arthur’s Pub, in Cobourg, at 7:00! 


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