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Yes, all Occasional Teachers can apply to permanent postings. I strongly encourage all of you to apply to any job that you are interested in/qualified for.

Permanent postings are shortlisted in the following order; Permanent Teachers, LTO List, Daily OT. The correct qualifications are needed, with the exception that permanent teachers are deemed qualified if they have taught the course (but they had to have taught the course as a permanent teacher). If no one meets the requirements then the job will be posted externally to the Board at which point you are welcome to apply again.

Permanent teachers can apply to anything. They can switch out of their current job, apply to a posting with a greater FTE, or apply to a posting with the same FTE. The one thing that can not be done is a job can not be carved up to fit into their current schedule. Permanent employees would have to accept the new job in full.

Once you take a permanent job you are locked in and you would not be eligible for the LTO. You can apply to LTOs that fit into your schedule. Technically you can leave it before the job starts but I strongly advise against getting rid of a permanent position. There are certainly benefits to having a permanent position. Not only are you building seniority in the TBU but you are also entitled to top-up (if you fill out the non-mandatory FTE increase form).

This means that if something is available in your qualifications it can simply be given to you. Plus you can apply for transfers, apply to be a lead teacher, and you can be in the first group of shortlists for future permanent positions.

The required qualifications are what the job will be shortlisted on. The preferred qualifications would only come into play in the interview portion, a principal could see an advantage to having that qualification.

LTO Postings will become available towards the middle – end of June. The permanent positions need to be sorted through first as there will likely be a lot of movement of permanent teachers which could lead to some shifting of LTOs.

HR has asked Administrators to try and complete interviews by the middle of June so that they can proceed with LTO postings.

Yes, just like all other mass postings I will be sending out a confirmation email stating that you have been shortlisted for the job. Please keep in mind that a lot of the same people could be shortlisted for many of the jobs which could lead to second rounds of shortlists and interviews. This means if you haven’t been shortlisted there still might be a chance in a couple of weeks.