On Aug. 22, the minister of education, Stephen Lecce, said in a plea to placate the ever concerned public that class size averages for the upcoming school year in secondary schools would only reach an average of 22.5 to one teacher, an increase of only 0.5 pupils per class. Minister Lecce’s statement is simply not true.

On March 15, the then-minister of education, Lisa Thompson, announced significant changes to funding for public school boards in Ontario; her announced changes are incongruent with Lecce’s message. School boards across the province were informed that the class size averages must reach a 28-to-one teacher ratio within the next four years.

Here in Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, the board has worked diligently to try and reach the new class size average within current funding constraints. This school year, classes are being staffed at 24.5 to one teacher, higher than the inaccurate average stated by Minister Lecce.

For our students, these changes have resulted in:

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