Bargaining Bulletin #10
The big news of today is that ETFO (Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario) has announced their intentions for a strike vote. It is important to note that OSSTF only just received their ruling from the Ontario Labour Relations Board, this means that we have not even started bargaining, we are still trying to find dates to bargain with the Province. Unlike the other Education unions we are not in a position to conduct a strike vote. Please read the full bulletin here.

How many On-Calls or Supervisions can you receive?
If you are in an LTO, you can receive the following amount of on-calls or supervisions based off of your FTE. On-calls can only be for half of a period and supervisions are only 15 minute blocks (some supervisions are 30 minutes but this counts as two of your supervisions). 

If you are a Daily Occasional Teacher there is no limit to how many on-calls or supervisions you can receive in a year. However, you can not receive more than one of each per day. Keep in mind from my last email that you need to have 40 minutes of uninterrupted lunch. 

End Dates on LTO Letters
If you are in an LTO please double check your end date on the confirmation “letter” (email) that was sent to you. There have been a few errors and I would hate to see someone lose out on pay or benefits because of an error. If you do notice an error, please respond with the correct date, feel free to cc me on the reply.