OSSTF to Bargain Transparently
Yesterday OSSTF President, Harvey Bischof, announced that OSSTF will be bargaining transparently. This has lead to the creation of www.bargainingforeducation.ca which gives the public access to the entirety of our central brief. This is an unprecedented move but was forced upon us when the Province began to bargain through the media. 

I encourage you to read through the brief and to send me your thoughts. I was just sent a survey that I need to fill out which will shape what OSSTF’s priorities will be moving forward. I do want to reveal prior to you reading this brief that when it came time for President’s and Chief Negotiators to vote on the brief, I did not vote in favour of it. There are some excellent items contained in there but I thought it could be improved upon. 

CUPE Job Action – Starting Monday September 30th
CUPE has given notice to being job action on Monday. There are bargaining dates set over the weekend so there is a chance that it will be postponed. However, if CUPE does go into job action I want you all to know what it means for our schools. 

Student safety will not be compromised, nothing will happen that jeopardizes the immediate safety of students. This means that the voluntary work our education workers perform in our schools will be cut (e.g. running clubs or social groups), as will secretarial work that is administrative in nature, and hallways will not be swept (apparently cleaning hallways is not funded by the government, only classrooms). Cleaning the hallways will only be done if the situation becomes dangerous (e.g. a large spill). Each CUPE member will be working their contractually obligated jobs, take their breaks, lunches, and arrive and leave work at a reasonable time. 

We can support them by refraining from doing any work that is normally performed by members of the CUPE bargaining unit during CUPE’s work to rule. 

If this leads to a full walk-out, OSSTF members have a contractual obligation to be at work as employees of the board. You will be crossing a picket line so plan to arrive earlier. Be patient and polite when entering and exiting. Our CUPE colleagues know that you have to cross the line. You can show your support and solidarity by joining them on the picket lines before work, during breaks, and after work. Of course this is only if they end up completely withdrawing services. 

If an administrator tries to assign you work that is usually performed by a CUPE member please let me know immediately. 

OSSTF Provincial Website
As we begin to bargain it is important to ensure that you have access to the provincial website. If you do not know your OSSTF membership number to login please reach out to me. You need your login in order to vote on our central agreement, once an agreement has been reached. If you are a new hire you will be sent one in the mail following your first pay cheque. 

Occasional Teacher needed for the Member Engagement Committee
If you are interested in sitting on the Member Engagement committee please let me know! They meet four times a year, a meal and mileage are provided. Member engagement discusses ways in which to get members involved, it often plans different activities that the District hosts. 

Orange Shirt Day – September 30
On Monday please wear an orange shirt to remember the children who survived the residential school system and those who never got to return home.