On Friday, May 24, the technical papers that detail the impact of cuts at all levels of public education were released by the provincial government.

Students will see the impacts of these cuts soon enough, but the delays in providing the details of cuts to education have seriously mistreated parents who have a right to know how learning conditions and program cuts will affect their children.

If the government is able to reach its goal to increase class-size averages to 28 students to one teacher, then we will see a very real reduction in per pupil funding.

Technical papers reveal that high school funding is designed to drop $1,072.67 per student by 2021. There will be a reduction of 13.2 teachers for every 1,000 students by 2021. There will be an even larger reduction of teachers and support staff if the government fulfils its promise to implement four external courses of e-learning, outsourcing even more jobs from our community.

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