TBU signed contract 2019-2022

RELATED Quick Reference Guides

Here are a few handy quick reference guides for commonly requested information. As our current Collective Agreement expires on August 31, 2019, it is important to keep in mind that these guides were produced based only on our current Collective Agreement. Contact District 14 if you require any further clarification.

Quick Reference Guide for Leaves Without Loss of Pay

Quick Reference Guide to Changes in Qualification 

(Changing Grid Placement)

Quick Reference Guide about Duty To Report and Safe Schools

Collective agreement archive

Our current contract will expire at the end of August 2022, following the next Provincial election

Our contract is comprised of two components:

Part A – Central terms – negotiated by Provincial executive and staff

Part B- Local terms – negotiated by Release officers and elected Protective Services members

Bargaining Process

During the 2021-2022 school year a bargaining survey will occur

OSSTF/FEESO has created a short video series to educate members who are employees of a publicly–funded school board under the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act (SBCBA) about the bargaining process

Video One- Your voice matters

Video Two – Bargaining Matters 

Our Negotiation team :  Chief Negotiator – Kevin McFadden,  Aileen Fletcher, Ellen Hinan, Trish Bevan (Chair of PSC), Patrick Steeves (ASCVI),  Peter Mullins (Kenner)

KPRDSB Negotiating team :  Chief Negotiator – Steve Girardi, Ben Chapman, Lindsey Flood,  Deb Hill, Principal – Jennifer Knox,  Trustee Angela Lloyd, Supt. Greg Ingram