Resource Documents

Resource documents

This is a copy of the standard fillable form for your Annual Learning Plan.

Annual Learning Plan

It is a members responsibility to notify Admin if they exceed their allowable On-Calls or Supervisions during the year as errors can occur unintentionally. This tool will assist you in tracking that information. For FT contract teachers you may be given 25 1/2 period on-calls with no more than two per week and up to 54 15 minute incremental supervisions.

Workload Tracker 2020-21

Requested Changes to the constitution must be submitted in writing to the TBU President no fewer than twenty (20) teaching days prior to the General Meeting.

D14 TBU Constitution 2020-2021

This contract contains both the central and local terms of our contract and must be used in conjunction with the extension agreement to fully understand current working conditions.

TBU signed contract 2019-2022

This document will assist you in understanding your pay stub.

Pay Stub Codes

This document has remained the same since it’s inception. The cycle will renew this year. postings and interviews will occur between January and March. The employer will provide notification.

Lead Teacher Structure

This document provides clarification around the frame work of the School Leadership model. The staffing committee should work with Admin to determine if any changes to combinations or school designated positions are required this year.

Lead Teacher FAQ