Outside of protecting your rights under our collective agreement and negotiating advancements OSSTF D14 offers a wide variety of services:

  • District 14 offers scholarships to students at each secondary school in KPR during graduation ceremonies to honour their achievements.
  • Benevolent Fund - a fund established to help members in need during a financial crisis.
  • Bereavement Fund - District 14 assists in collecting and disbursing funds to members’ families in the unlikely case of an untimely death in order to assist with unexpected costs.
  • Professional Development - OSSTF offers a wide range of workshops to further educate our members and help strengthen public education.
  • professional development fund - In order to further assist members in pursuing professional development that interests them we offer a reimbursement fund.
  • Curriculum Support - Provincial OSSTF has created a number of resources for educators to use in their classroom to further enrich and support the Ontario curriculum.

Over the years OSSTF has made the following advancements for our Members and for public education:

  • Pension used to be calculated on the best 15 years - now it is the best 5 years.
  • In 1970 class size was first negotiated
  • The right to strike
  • Inclusion of salary, benefits, and working conditions have been added to negotiations.
  • Inclusion of the rights of Occasional Teachers.
  • Repeal of mandatory extra-curricular activities for teachers
  • Government contributing to the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan